brand identity
brand identity

Brand Identitypositioning

Positioning breaks through barriers of oversaturated markets to create new opportunities. It takes advantage of change in demographics, technology, marketing cycles, consumer trends, and gaps in the market to find new ways of appealing to the public.

When we contemplate a company’s position in the marketplace, we take into account the product, price point, audience and place.

brand message

Once we know where an organization is best positioned in the marketplace, we can start to work on the bigger picture – the brand message. Also know as your tagline or positioning statement, the brand message should stay concise and consistent through every consumer touch point.

We start the brainstorming process at the beginning – the brand story. Analyzing key words, voice, tone and body language, all contribute to the evolution of the positioning statement. Finding a balance between what the client wants, and what the consumer needs to hear, is a challenge best pursued as a collaborative effort between client and design agency.

visual identity

Visual Identity takes a complex idea to its optic formation. We examine many different ideas before focusing on a final choice. Even after a final idea emerges, testing its viability begins yet another round of exploration.

Brandroom’s extensive experience in visual identity development, enables us to confidently build a dynamic and visual language for your brand. We execute every project with strategic imagination, intuition, and design excellence.